Operation Pollinator
The coexistance of modern farming and environmental management in the same field is critical to:
  • Protect and enhance biodiversity
  • Sustainably produce healthy, safe and affordable food
  • Meet the rising demand to double global food production by 2050

Operation Pollinator - feeding bees & protecting the environment for over
10 years

Operation Pollinator is an international biodiversity program to boost the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms. It works by creating specific habitats, tailored to local conditions and native insects.

Farmers and golf course managers across Europe and the USA are provided with targeted seed mixtures, along with innovative pesticide use practices and agronomic advice designed to benefit pollinators.

Initiated by Syngenta, Operation Pollinator is supported by a large number of partners, including:

  • Universities
  • Farmer organisations
  • NGOs
  • Beekeepers’ associations
  • Governmental bodies
  • Food producers

The Operation Pollinator program is based on scientific research. Its progress and success is assessed by independent scientific partners.

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