Operation Pollinator
Bumblebees play a crucial role as one of natures' pollinators, but they are in serious decline and need our help now. Reversing the plight of the bumblebee and other pollinating insects will help to prove that golf courses can be managed in harmony with the environment and provide valuable wildlife habitats.

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Operation Pollinator has already created a real buzz among greenkeepers, club managers and players alike. You can sign up NOW to join this exciting initiative that offers potential to restore numbers of bumblebees and other valuable pollinating insects on your course, as well as a great marketing opportunity for the club. Visit www.greencast.co.uk to see what you can receive and how you can get involved.

For those wanting to join in the US, visit www.GreenCastOnline.com/OperationPollinator

If you are interested in taking part in future Operation Pollinator training workshops, click here to send an email with your contact details.

* Operation Pollinator for golf is currently only available in the UK and Ireland. Further research is being undertaken to develop suitable practices to implement the project in other countries.

Golf courses can provide essential sanctuaries for
bumblebees and other beneficial insect species.
Environmental enhancement of relatively undisturbed out
of play areas can provide the perfect location for immensely valuable ecological habitats

With the right management, designated areas can provide ideal habitat for a vast array of vital pollinating insects, as well as enhancing the visual appeal and overall enjoyment for players.

Syngenta Operation Pollinator gives UK and Ireland* greenkeepers and golf course managers the tools and skills to successfully and cost effectively establish and manage attractive wildflower resources that are crucial for bumblebees and pollinating insects, whilst enhancing the visual appearance of the course and the overall playing experience.

Operation Pollinator guidelines and advice has been developed specifically for golf courses in conjunction with specialist ecologists and agronomists from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

What Operation Pollinator can deliver for the golf course?

  • Generates immense pride in your course
  • Provides an enhanced playing experience
  • Improves visual appearance
  • Creates valuable positive publicity for the club
  • Produces beneficial results up to 60% faster than conventional management

Creating half a hectare of Operation Pollinator habitat on the golf course is an equivalent area of more than 600 golf club members each creating a 4m x 2m wildflower area at home,and delivers a living and aesthetically pleasing focus for environmental work on the course.

For further information on Syngenta Turf & Landscape,
visit www.greencast.co.uk

For further information about Operation Pollinator in the US, visit
visit www.GreenCastOnline.com/OperationPollinator

What can Operation Pollinator deliver?

The summer-flowering Operation Pollinator seed mixes can be expected to attract:

  • Up to forty different bee species during a season
  • Up to twelve different bumblebees - over half of all the UK bumblebee species

The Operation Pollinator programme developed to deliver pollen and nectar rich habitat for pollinating insects will also be hugely beneficial for other flora and fauna on the golf course.

The Syngenta Player Survey identified:

  • 80% of players value a natural looking course
  • 70% support a Club's environmental initiatives
  • 75% rate seeing birds and wildlife of high importance