Operation Pollinator
"In this 'green' age our involvement with ecological projects is a great selling point for the club. If we can provide a habitat for endangered species and enhance the natural beauty of our course by planting wild flowers, which then attract members and visitors to our club, then Operation Pollinator offers a win-win situation."

Julie Morris
Secretary, Fulford Heath Golf Club

Bringing the golf course to life

There is immense pride and satisfaction in the knowledge that your club is doing something positive for the environment and providing the habitat that could help save endangered Bumblebee species. Operation Pollinator provides added interest for players, and the chance to see something new on every round.

This pride and satisfaction extends to the greenkeeping team and club managers, with the knowledge they are responsible for providing a much needed environmental resource, alongside great playing conditions and an enhanced golfing experience for all players.

Attractive proposition
Wildflowers can provide a colourful visual enhancement for golf courses. Operation Pollinator seed mixes provide a succession of flowering plants that provides a continual supply of pollen and nectar for pollinators through the season, and gives an ever changing visual interest for players.

Marketing opportunity
Clubs that publicise their involvement in Operation Pollinator could attract more members, clubs, societies and visitors keen to get more out of their golfing experience. Operation Pollinator creates an exciting marketing and PR opportunity for participating clubs. Finding a rare or endangered bumblebee species on your course will be a significant coup for the club, and a positive message to promote for the club and the golf industry.

Delivering on environmental targets
With Operation Pollinator golf courses can proactively lead the campaign to enhance biodiversity and save the Bumblebee. Golf courses involved with ecology plans and local environmental groups can use Operation Pollinator habitat as a key way to deliver added biodiversity value alongside existing initiatives and projects.

Inspiring the community
Operation Pollinator will help Clubs to engage and generate beneficial inks with the local community and schools. Building goodwill with the community promotes clubs in a positive light and gets more people onto the course and experiencing pleasure to be gained from the game.

"Improving habitat conditions for bumblebees will represent an important environmental gain with little or no detriment to the playing of the game. It is hoped that this work will generate a wider acceptance and awareness of golf's positive environmental role within the wider landscape.

Operation Pollinator trials have provided necessary information and practical expertise on how best to create, improve and manage quality habitats for bumblebees in out of play areas on the golf course."

Bob Taylor
Head of Ecology and Environment, STRI.