Technical Guidelines

Where can it go on the golf course?

See where Operation Pollinator could be situated on out of play areas around the course to provide important environmental habitat and attractive visual features. read more >>

Operation Pollinator seed mixtures

Details of the wildflower species specifically selected to attract pollinating insects in dferent golf course situations. read more >>

How much will it cost?

The Operation Pollinator programme could reduce the long-term cost of rough management. read more >>

Guidelines for Operation Pollinator establishment

The Operation Pollinator Programme is designed by STRI to help achieve successful estab-lishment of wildflowers in existing rough areas around the course. read more >>

Guidelines for Operation Pollinator annual management

Annual management techniques for Operation Pollinator habitat will help maintain its ecologi-cal and visual appeal. read more >>

Operation Pollinator and Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Operation Pollinator is designed to enhance the ecological value of selected areas of the golf course. read more >>

STRI trials results

Read the results of Operation Pollinator trials by the STRI. read more >>

Operation Pollinator Programme product information

The Operation Pollinator programme incorporates the use of Rescue and Primo Maxx. See a product summary and links for further information. read more >>