Operation Pollinator
A practical solution to help farmers create valuable on-farm habitat and increase biodiversity.

Improving the fortunes of pollinators, whilst retaining farm profitability

Boost numbers of pollinators
Habitat creation for pollinators has been proven by independent monitoring to increase bumblebee numbers by up to 600%, butterfly numbers up 12 fold and other insects more than 10 fold within three years.

Easy implementation and efficient management
Syngenta and partners train farmers on how to implement and manage high quality habitats tailored to local conditions and pollinating insects. To assure an efficient management farmers will use established techniques and machinery.

Positive impact on farm profitability
Various studies show that improved pollination can have a significant impact on yield and quality of certain crops. In addtion various regions offer environmental payments for habitat creation.

Contribution to develop a more sustainable farming system
Operation Pollinator has been presented in European Parliament as an example of a simple method for increasing biodiversity on farms in the debate on managing public goods and the reform of European Agriculture.

Recognition for managing public goods
Operation Pollinator is a powerful message to create a positive public perception for the farming industry. It importantly demonstrates that commercial farming and positive environmental management can coexist.

And there is even more..

Operation Pollinator not only provides the answer for restoring vital populations of pollinating insects, but with careful site planning and management can significantly reduce soil erosion and help to protect valuable water resources from soil and nutrient pollution.