Operation Pollinator
Operation Pollinator is an internationally recognized project, that delivers multiple benefits:
  • Significantly increase pollinating insect numbers
  • Increase biodiversity whilst retaining farm profitability
  • Better pollination can lead to better quality and higher crop yield

Why should you get involved?

The plight of pollinators is widely recognised by the public, with a positive reception for those that take action to resolve the problems.

Operation Pollinator creates an exclusive produce branding opportunity for select retailer partners, which can be replicated across many areas of food produce, including fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Adopting the initiative demonstrates growers and retailers care for the environment where food is produced and securing sustainable supplies – developing closer links throughout the food production chain. It meets objectives for a retailer's Corporate Responsibility plans and good governance of food supplies.

Involvement with Operation Pollinator creates customer loyalty for good food produced with care for the environment.

Operation Pollinator creates a valued opportunity to promote responsible food production.