Ingo Tornier, farmer and beekeeper, Hütten, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

"The project is a major achievement that brings farmers and beekeepers together, in order to learn from each other."

Joachim Otto, farmer and retailer, Reiskirchen, Hessia, Germany

“ This project is sending the right signal at the right time; that nature-oriented agriculture is possible and sustainable.”

Sergio Siles, General Manager, Vitacress Spain

“Operation Pollinator combines two apparently very different concepts - intensive production and improving biodiversity - and proves that they can coexist. For a company like Vitacress it is critical to prove its commitment to environmental protection.”

Cristina Carlos, Technician, Association of Integrated Protection – ADVID, Portugal

"It is an incredible opportunity to witness the amazing colour of the Operation Pollinator area, which is indeed a fantastic provision for the bees."

Philip Effingham, Technical Director, Marshalls Produce, Lincolnshire, England

“Operation Pollinator has given us the platform to demonstrate excellent environmental stewardship that has direct affinity with our customers and the public.”

Marshalls grow 2,400-hectares of field vegetable production for multiple retailers.